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Coastal Getaway Reed Diffuser

Coastal Getaway Reed Diffuser

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Scent Description:

The invigorating blend of ozone, citrus, and sea salt transports you to a tranquil beach, while the heart of jasmine adds a touch of floral elegance. Powder, light musk, and woody cedar notes ground the scent, creating a balanced and refreshing aroma that transforms your space into a serene coastal retreat.

The scent notes in Coastal Getaway include ozone, sea salt, and light musk.

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Product Details:

4 fluid ounces (118ml) of reed diffuser fragrance solution in a round amber glass bottle with black lid, eight naturally-harvested rattan diffuser reeds. 

Directions for use:

Remove cap, insert reeds into top of bottle to absorb oils and diffuse the scent. Flip the reeds every 3-4 days to refresh the scent. Wash hands thoroughly after handling the reeds. Make sure to place the diffuser on a surface that cannot be damaged by the reed diffuser solution. Scent is slowly released through the absorption of the fragrance by the reeds. Scent level can be adjusted by adding or removing reeds from the reed diffuser bottle.

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