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Cozy Cashmere Room & Car Spray

Cozy Cashmere Room & Car Spray

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Scent description:

When the weather turns away from the bright yellow skies of summer towards the amber and brown leaves of fall, our tendency is to ease that transition by wrapping ourselves in soft layers and keeping close to the fire. Such days are indelibly connected with the feel of flannel, cashmere and wool against our skin and the smell of warm spiced drinks for our insides and big comfy blankets on top.

Put on a sweater, make a steamy cup of tea or toddy, find a lingering sunbeam through the window and spritz our Cozy Cashmere room spray. It is going to be a long winter.

The scent notes of Cozy Cashmere include vanilla amber, and cocoa butter.

This room and car spray will make any space you spray it in smell amazing! Our room sprays linger, we've gone back into a room two hours after spraying and still smelled the fragrance!

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