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Sugared Citrus Room & Car Spray

Sugared Citrus Room & Car Spray

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Scent description:

Summer farm stands’ overstuffed boxes of oranges and lemons from the orchards fill the air with the zing of citrus peel and sweetness of blossoming fruit trees. The sharp sweet and bitter flavors rise up into the air, warmed by the morning sun. A bite introduces bitter and acid to sticky sugar and opens up the pores and the lungs.

The scent notes for Sugared Citrus include Orange Peel, Agave, Peach, and Vanilla.

©️ 2022, Gather In Flame Candle Co. All rights reserved. 

This room and car spray will make any space you spray it in smell amazing! Our room sprays linger, we've gone back into a room two hours after spraying and still smelled the fragrance!

​​©️ 2022, Gather in Flame Candle Co. All rights reserved. 

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